IPAD 3 To Be Released First Half of 2012?

Rumors have been circulating across the internet on when will be the mythical device IPAD 3 will be release. IPAD, as one of Steve Jobs legacy and considered as the trendsetter in tablet industry will now eyeing a product release to the public its latest addition to the family of Apple. The “IPAD 3 Release Date” rumors started last year. According to a Japanese Mac blog, Asian supplier and a source from the US, IPAD 3 will be flooding the market early March of this quarter. Another blog says it will be April. Some says February. For the moment though, nothing is confirmed by Apple and all are circulating rumors. IPAD 3 Release Date. But knowing that IPAD 3 is on the mass production process is a good thing.


What to Expect from IPAD 3?

The new breed of IPAD will possess its own unique features, departing from its predecessor. Rumors (again) that IPAD 3 will have a 4G LTE Network connectivity, a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip and a carbon fibre casing with 2GHz dual-core chip from Samsung.

It also rumored to have a better camera with a built-in LED flash (compared from IPAD 2) and a Retina display. Some modifications made such as lighter battery and much thinner. Include also a transparent screen!


SIRI is expected to be present on IPAD 3 since it was a big hit when Iphone 4S was released and barely increased its sales. The current beta version of iOS 5.1 will also play one of the big roles.

One thing is for sure. It’s expensive.

I’m sure Apple fanatics and Ipad Lovers are tired of waiting when will they get their hands to this.


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